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Justice MedSearch Streamlines your Medical Research

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"Often the determinative centerpiece of a trial, the battle of the experts can easily degenerate into little more than a "he says she says" swearing match. In such a case, the jury is left with little basis to make a rational choice between the contestants, instead leaving fertile ground for prejudice and emotion to play in - and of course, a tie goes to the defendant. This is where literature comes into play. Objective, dispassionate, peer-reviewed literature can be the bazooka that takes out the opposition’s expert. Finding someone that can do a timely and effective literature search has been problematic in the past - until I found MedSearch. I have used this service. They know their business. A short phone conversation with a doctor is all it takes to receive a targeted bibliography on your topic within a week’s time. And perhaps best of all, you don’t have to remember anything, as it is just a website link away." —Bruce McMath, Esq., McMath Woods Law Firm, Little Rock, Arkansas

Justice MedSearch is a unique medical literature research service for trial lawyers who need authoritative, peer-reviewed medical literature to litigate complex medical issues that are frequently the centerpiece of dispute in the litigation of medical negligence and personal injury cases. Authoritative medical literature is a powerful tool that can help you in many different ways in preparing and evaluating your medical cases:

  • Screen new cases for merit so that you invest in only those with the highest probability for success.
  • Prove a breach in the standard of care.
  • Establish a sound basis for causation.
  • Bolster your expert's medical opinions and testimony.
  • Effectively cross-examine opposing medical experts.

By using Justice MedSearch, you no longer have to spend countless hours in a medical library searching through dozens of medical journals and textbooks for authoritative literature to support your claims and position. With Justice MedSearch, the authoritative literature you are looking for is delivered straight to your desktop within a few short days so that you can use the information to build the most robust case for you clients. Justice MedSearch not only saves you time but also gives you confidence in knowing that you are armed with the best supporting medical literature to give you a winning edge during settlement negotiations and trial.

Justice MedSearch is brought to you as a partnership between your state trial lawyer association and Medifocus Legal. Founded in 1996 by Dr. Elliot Jacob, Medifocus Legal has earned the trust and confidence of leading medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers nationwide as the “go-to” place for medical literature research. With over 2,500 successfully completed medical research projects under our belt, we can put our vast research experience and expertise to use for virtually any medical negligence or personal injury case. Dr. Jacob plays a vital role at Medifocus Legal as its Director of medical-legal research by personally interacting with each client and by overseeing each custom project to ensure that it meets the highest research standards. Prior to founding Medifocus Legal, Dr. Jacob enjoyed a distinguished career as a Senior research scientist at both the Naval Medical Research Institute and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington, D.C.

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Submit your request here. If you need to reach Dr. Elliot Jacob immediately,please call 301-649-9300 or you may email After submitting your request, a MedSearch professional will contact you to discuss your case in more detail and provide you with a guaranteed price quote within 24 hours or sooner.


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