The National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives


NATLE is an organization whose members are chief executives and staff of justice associations throughout the USA and Canada. Over 60 member justice associations (voluntary bar associations) collectively represent over 60,000 attorneys, and together we work to ensure justice for all.

At NATLE, our passion for justice is unwavering. Since 1970 the National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives, NATLE, has facilitated the growth and successful operation of trial lawyer associations—many now known as justice associations—throughout the United States, Canada, and worldwide. We have done this by providing our members with the vital resources needed to protect the civil justice system and ensure justice for those injured through no fault of their own. These injured individuals are often the most vulnerable of our society.

NATLE conferences and workshops provide the latest and best information in all areas relevant to the operation of a trial lawyer association such as fundraising, membership development, governmental and public affairs, PAC development, continuing legal education, governance, leadership training, and more. NATLE members are in touch with their peers daily throughout the USA and Canada, sharing information through various NATLE listservers and utilizing vast website resources. NATLE also works very closely with the American Association for Justice, AAJ, ensuring a productive and collaborative relationship between AAJ and NATLE member associations.

Stronger trial lawyer associations will help to ensure justice everywhere for those who have been seriously hurt or injured through no fault of their own. Membership in NATLE is vital for the successful trial lawyer association executive.

Our Members

NATLE members include the chief staff executive and staff of trial lawyer associations throughout the USA and Canada. We have over 65 justice associations (voluntary bar associations) from every state trial lawyer association, Washington D.C., several city associations, and several Canadian provinces.

The associations represented by NATLE comprises lawyers who represent injured individuals. These lawyers make significant and meaningful contributions to society by advocating for some of the most vulnerable who would not otherwise be able to represent themselves. 

The work that trial lawyer associations do for their members is crucial to ensure a society where the injured obtain justice. Our communities are a safer place when wrongdoers are responsible for their actions. In most cases, there is no other voice speaking for the injured people except the trial lawyer association.

Also, many NATLE member associations are involved in public education programs aimed at teaching citizens about their legal rights and the vital role of trial lawyers in society. Some of these programs include Peoples Law Schools, providing bicycle helmets to school children, mock trial competitions, and more.

Click here to visit the websites of NATLE member associations to learn more about the important activities of these organizations and their valuable contributions to your city, state, or province.