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Thank you for volunteering your time to help make NATLE's educational programming the cream of the crop! We are here to do everything possible to ensure your success. The stages of your presentation include the production of your presentation, rehearsals, technology testing, presenting, and audience engagement. We will rehearse and test as much as you need to feel comfortable and confident.


NATLE is an organization whose members are chief executives and staff of voluntary bar associations throughout the USA and Canada. Our 60+ member associations collectively represent over 70,000 attorneys and together we work to ensure justice for all.

At NATLE our passion for justice is unwavering. Since 1970 the National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives, NATLE, has facilitated the growth and successful operation of trial lawyer associations—many now known as justice associations—throughout the United States and Canada.


NATLE member associations are comprised of lawyers who represent injured individuals. These lawyers make significant and meaningful contributions to society by choosing to represent some of the most vulnerable people who would not otherwise be able to represent themselves. Therefore, the work that the trial lawyer association does to preserve and protect the justice system is crucial to a society where the injured are assured of remedy and society is a safer place by holding wrongdoers responsible for their actions.


By understanding NATLE audiences, tailoring your presentation accordingly is much easier.

There is great diversity in the organizations represented in the audience. Therefore, it is important to realize—and acknowledge in your presentation—that not all organizations have a large staff or large budgets. For instance, you may suggest that the smaller organizations may need to utilize volunteers or partner with allied organizations to achieve the same success your presentation is addressing.

At our Governmental Affairs Conference, the audience consists of chief staff executives, volunteer leaders, consultants, and staff who are responsible for the political and legislative affairs of their nonprofit organizations. At our Winter and Annual meetings, the audience includes the CEOs and professional association staff. The topics at these latter two meetings focus on all areas of successful association management.


  • Download NATLE's standard presentation templates. (PPT and Keynote)  
  • Download NATLE's sample backgrounds. (Include the logo on all of them.)

Your presentation is recorded and added to NATLE's online education library. You must let us know immediately if you prefer your presentation to not be recorded.

Remember the 10 20 30 rule of PowerPoint: a PowerPoint presentation should have 10 slides, last no more than 20 minutes, and contain no font smaller than 30 points.

There are some great tips on the Internet for presenting. Here are a few you might find useful.

You were selected to make a presentation because we know you have something very valuable to share with our audience. So relax and enjoy yourself!