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Speaker Guide


Thank you for volunteering your time to help make NATLE's educational programming the best it can be. For a successful presentation, please read this page carefully. It likely answers a lot of your questions but not, email for assistance.

Who We Are


Creating Your Presentation


Setting the Stage


Presentation Best Practices: Connecting With Your Audience

  • Use a quiet space, isolated from noises from pets, family members and others, if possible. Turn off phone ringers and close all distractions on your computer (email, messages, etc.)
  • We suggest restarting your computer prior to your presentation and only have the most necessary applications open. This helps your computer have the maximum resources available.
  • Be mindful of anything visually distracting in the background so people will focus on you, or use a virtual background. Don’t wear clothing the same color as your background.
  • Avoid having a window or bright light behind you, lighting should be behind your computer.
  • Your camera should be at eye-level, so you might need to raise your computer. Make eye contact with your camera so the audience will feel like you’re looking directly at them.
  • Use a headset with a built-in microphone for the best audio and to reduce ambient sound.